Oradox Consultant

An integrated program where you can promote an innovative range of advanced oral care products from your dental clinic.

A great way to educate patients about good oral hygiene practices and recommend suitable products. At the same time a parallel business with a good return on investment

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Oradox consultant

Program Benefit

  • Access to advanced oral care solutions to recommend your patients to meet their unique needs & dispense from your clinic.
  • Select from a range of innovative products, such as specialised rinses, oral serums, kid mouthwash tabs, and specialty items.
  • Products can be displayed prominently in the dental clinic, making it easy for patients to see and purchase them during their visits.
  • The program further includes special discounts, promotions, or bundled offers for your clinic, encouraging sales.

Our Products

oradox advanced oral rinses

Oral Rinses

Designed for specific Oral Conditions & needs

water flosser concentrate

Waterflosser Concentrate

Unique blend for fresh breath and ultimate oral care.

oradox concentrated mouthwash or oral serums

Oral Serums

One drop oral rinse concentrate which revitalizes oral health

oradox mouthwash tabs

Effervescent Tabs

Tablets with ultra clean formula for multiple uses

Kids Range

Innovative tablets for a fun and effective way to protect your child’s precious smile.

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