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Oratemp NE

Eugenol Free Temporary Luting Cement
  • Eugenol free temporary luting material
  • Temporary cementation of crowns, bridges & splints
  • Tight marginal seal to prevent any leakage of oral fluids
  • Excellent physical properties with less solubility to oral fluids


  • Manual Mix Pack : 1 x 15g Cartridge – (Base & Catalyst),1 x Spatula, 1 x Mixing Pad, 1 x Instruction Manual.



CE approved
CE 0123
The product is audited & approved as per European standards and laws, and has a valid CE Certifications
MDSAP quality management system satisfies the regulatory jurisdictions requirements of MDSAP Countries
CDSCO Registered
Registered & Approved as per MDR 2017 Guidelines by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization


  • Cementation of crowns, bridges and splints.
  • Retentions of temporary crowns and bridges.
  • Trial cementation of permanent restorations prior to final insertion.


  • Excellent physical properties.
  • Easy to mix – easy to clean.
  • Low solubility in oral fluids.


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Instruction For Use:
Manual-Mix, Extrude equal lengths of Base and catalyst onto the mixing pad
provided. The length to be extruded will depend on the size and type of restoration to be cemented. Replace cap tightly on cartridge after use. Thoroughly mix the pastes for approximately 30- 45 seconds. The dispensed material shall not be placed back in the container and the dose once applied and used shall not be reused.
Preparation and application : Dry the prepared teeth and the surface of the restoration. Prior to cementation, a protective varnish (e.g., Shield Active Desensitizer) may be applied to the clean and dry dentin surfaces. It should be brushed gently into the dentin for 10 seconds using a suitable instrument
(brush, applicator brush). Carefully disperse excess to a thin layer with blown air/dry with an air syringe. Do not over dry the dentin (carefully follow the instructions supplied with Shield Activ Desensitizer). Apply a thin layer of the mixed cement to the internal surfaces of the temporary restoration. Subsequently, seat the provisional restoration with light pressure. Excess cement can be removed after 3 minutes using a scaler or other appropriate instruments. Also use a scaler and dental floss to remove any excess cement
from the interproximal areas.
Notes :
1. To ensure an easy clean up and complete removal of excess, we recommended holding back the lip or cheek surfaces during the setting process, to prevent the excess material from spreading out into a thin layer.
2. During the self-curing process, the patient should not exert any pressure on the provisional restoration.
Working time : Approx. 2:00 -2:30 (minutes: seconds) at a room temperature of 25°C.
Self- curing time : Approx. 6 to 10 minutes at a room temperature of 25°C.
Warnings : Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin (allergic contact dermatitis), and eyes. Avoid prolonged inhalation. Do not take it internally. Contact with the skin may cause irritation, burns or hypersensitivity. If contact with skin occurs immediately wipe off thoroughly with cotton and alcohol and then wash well with soap and water. If skin rash and sensitization or other allergic reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical attention. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse
thoroughly with fresh water and consult a physician. It should not be used with patients who have a history of severe allergic reaction to any of the components.
Precautions :
1.Contact of uncured material with the skin/ mucous membrane and the eyes should be avoided.
2.As individual components, the base and catalyst pastes have an irritating effect. Once mixed, however, they are not irritating.
Contraindications : Do not use in patients with known history of allergy to any of its ingredients or components.
Storage Conditions : Store at temperature between 10°C(50°F) to 24°C(75°F). Close the cap carefully after use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry place.
Shelf Life : 3 years from date of manufacture.

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