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Accusil Putty

Addition Silicon Hydrophilic Impression Putty

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Dental Materials, Impression Materials
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Alfina – Alginate

Alginate Impression Material

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Impression materials include alginate, elastomeric materials, impression compounds, zinc oxide eugenol paste, putty, and polyvinyl siloxane, among others.

Elastomeric dental impression materials are flexible and elastic materials used for taking highly accurate dental impressions. Examples include addition silicone ( A Silicon) and polyvinyl siloxane.

ZOE impression paste is a rigid material used for making final impressions in complete denture fabrication. It provides good detail reproduction and stability.

ZOE impression paste is typically used for final impressions in edentulous arches due to its accuracy and stability.

Putty impression material is a type of elastomeric material used for making preliminary or final impressions. It has a thick consistency and is often used in combination with a lighter body material.

Green stick compound is a thermoplastic material used for border molding in denture impressions. It is heated and molded around the borders to capture the correct peripheral anatomy.

Addition silicone impression material, also known as polyvinyl siloxane, is a highly accurate elastomeric material used for detailed impressions. It has excellent dimensional stability and tear resistance.

Light body dental impression material is a low-viscosity elastomeric material used to capture fine details of the tooth structure. It is often used in conjunction with a heavier putty material.

Impression compound is used for preliminary impressions and border molding in denture fabrication. It is thermoplastic and can be softened by heat.

Alginate impression material used for making dental impressions. It is easy to use, sets quickly, and provides accurate details of the dental structures.

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