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Fluoride Based Prophylaxis Paste
  • Optimum abrasive fluoridated paste for polishing of teeth post scaling
  • Produces a smooth surface without eroding the enamel
  • Used for polishing fillings & removal of external stains
  • Available in different flavors


  • 1 x 75g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Mint), 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 75g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Fruit), 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 75g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Strawberry), 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 75g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Orange), 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 75g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Pineapple), 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 200g Plastic Jar, (Fresh Mint), 1 x Instruction Manual

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CE 0123
The product is audited & approved as per European standards and laws, and has a valid CE Certifications
MDSAP quality management system satisfies the regulatory jurisdictions requirements of MDSAP Countries.
CDSCO Registered
Registered & Approved as per MDR 2017 Guidelines by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization
The product has been extensively tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, USA


  • Polishing after scaling
  • Removal of dental tartar


  • Oil free formulation
  • Fluoride release formula
  • Splatter free paste
  • Excellent stain removal and polishing
  • Available in five different flavors with fine, medium & coarse grit
Technical Data
1. Consistency 20 mm.
2. Film Thickness 110 µm
3. Sodium Flouride Conc. 1 %
FlavourFresh Fruit, Fresh Mint, Fresh Orange, Fresh Pineapple, Fresh Strawberry


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Instructions for Use :

  1. Dispense Prophylaxis Paste into a dappen dish or other suitable container. A saliva ejector may be helpful during the actual prophylaxis.
  1. Fill the rubber prophylaxis cup with paste. Before starting hand piece, carry paste to field of operation and deposit a small amount on each tooth surface. It is necessary that fresh paste be provided for each surface in order to obtain maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  1. Run the rubber cup at SLOW SPEED over each tooth surface for approximately 10 seconds. Make sure that the edge of the cup goes below the free margin of the gingival into the gingival sulcus. Continue procedure until all exposed surfaces of the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned and polished.
  2. A rubber cup or soft bristle brush may be used on occlusal surfaces.
  3. The dispensed material shall not be placed back in container and the dose once applied and used shall not be reused.

Warnings : Prophylaxis Paste may cause eye irritation upon contact. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately flush eyes with copious amount of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation or discomfort persists.

Precautions :

  1. All tooth surfaces should be thoroughly scaled to remove calculus.
  2. Necessary examination and radiographs should be taken prior to prophylaxis with Prophylaxis Paste.
  3. During use, wear protective glasses and gloves.

Contraindication : Prophylaxis Paste is contraindicated in patients with a known allergy to any of the Components.

Storage Conditions : Store at temperature between 10°C(50°F) to 24°C(75°F). Close the cap carefully after use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life is not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of Manufacturing.

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