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Accepted as per Global Standards
US FDA Cleared, CE 0123 Certified
MDSAP Approved, CDSCO Registered

Cal LC

Light Cure Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Biocompatible Biocompatible

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Fusion i-Seal

Light Cure Glass Ionomer Composite Cement

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Bioactive Bioactive

CE 0123 CE 0123

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GIC is a dental material used for fillings and luting. It releases fluoride, providing additional protection against tooth decay.

GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement) is used for various dental applications, including therapeutic work and as a luting agent. It bonds chemically to the tooth structure and releases fluoride, which helps the restoration's durability.

Zinc phosphate cement is primarily used for luting metal restorations and as a base material under restorations. It offers high compressive strength and durability.

Filling cement for teeth is used to restore carious teeth such as composite restorations, glass ionomer cement, amalgam, etc.

Luting cement bonds indirect restorations, such as crowns and bridges, to the tooth structure, ensuring a secure fit and longevity.

Zinc oxide eugenol cement is used for temporary fillings and as a base under permanent restorations.

ZOE (Zinc Oxide Eugenol) cement is most commonly used for temporary restoration and as a base material due to its ease of use.

The benefits of GIC include its ability to release fluoride, adhere chemically to the tooth structure, and its biocompatibility, making it a preferred choice for many restorative procedures.

GIC cement releases fluoride and bonds chemically to the tooth, providing long-term benefits for decay prevention. Composite resin, however, offers superior aesthetics and strength, making it ideal for visible areas.

Zinc phosphate cement typically has a setting time of around 5 to 9 minutes, which can be adjusted based on the mixing technique and temperature conditions.

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