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Hiflex H

Ultra High Impact Heat Cure Denture Base Resin
Category: Lab Materials
  • Ultra high impact heat cure denture base material
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Good tensile strength with color stability


  • Intro Pack : 1 x 225g Powder Jar, 1 x 150ml Liquid Bottle.
  • 1kg Powder in Plastic Jar.
  • 1ltr Liquid in Plastic Bottle.



CE approved
CE 0123
The product is audited & approved as per European standards and laws, and has a valid CE Certifications
MDSAP quality management system satisfies the regulatory jurisdictions requirements of MDSAP Countries
CDSCO Registered
Registered & Approved as per MDR 2017 Guidelines by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization


  • Ideal for highest quality of prosthetic work.


  • Accurate Fit Long working time in its dough stage.
  • Flowable and practicable consistency after mixing.
  • Exceptionally high mechanical strength and high lusture finish.
  • Cadmium free composition.


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Instructions for Use :

  1. Clean the inside of the flask and coat with a thin film of vaseline or similar lubricant.
  2. Place waxed denture into the lower half of the flask and fill it with 50/50 mix of plaster & stone.
  3. After the gypsum has hardened, apply vaseline to the gypsum surface.
  4. Next fill up the top part of the flask with a plaster/stone mix. Close the flask with the top deck.

NOTE : To avoid plaster running into the bolt-holes, use the bolt to close the flask.

  1. After the gypsum has hardened, the wax is softened by being careful not to melt the wax. The softened wax should then be removed all in one piece. Next, the residual wax is thoroughly flushed out with boiling water containing an ordinary neutral detergent.
  2. After the wax has been removed, allow the gypsum surface to cool for about 5 minutes. This allows the steam to rise for better bonding of the separator. Next apply a separating medium (e.g.,: Isolate) to the gypsum surface and allow it to dry.
  3. Mixing of powder and liquid for dough stage. Place the required amount of liquid in Hiflex H mixing jar. Then place the corresponding amount of powder over the liquid while tapping the jar until excess liquid appears. NOTE : Do not stir this mixture with a spatula to avoid air bubbles. Close the lid of the mixing jar and leave for about 15-20 minutes . At this point Hiflex H reaches a dough stage. NOTE : Average denture needs 2 scoops of powder and 8ml liquid.
  4. Remove the dough in one piece from the mixing jar without producing air bubbles. Then, pack it into the model invested in the flask stored at room temperature. It is recommended not to touch the resin mixture directly because some individuals may be allergic to the liquid. Use a polyethylene sheet. Close the denture flask. Trial closures are repeated 2 or 3 times until no flash is observed. NOTE : Trial packing is used to remove excess resin to avoid open vertical dimensions.
  5. After trial packing, the denture flask should be fitted back together. Insert the bolts and apply pressure using the flask press. Tighten these bolts, under constant pressure, by using the wrench.
  6. Polymerization 

Heat-polymerization can be carried out in two ways:

  1. Standard procedure (recommended method): Place closed flask in cold water, heat up to 100°C / 212°F and let boil for 45 minutes.
  2. Alternative procedure: Place the flask in boiling water, switch off the heat source for 15 min. then boil for 20 min. Allow the flask to Cool down slowly in the water bath after polymerization. The alternative procedure is suitable only for small to medium-sized dentures. Layer thicknesses must not Exceed 1 cm.
  3. Cool the flask for more than 30 minutes at room temperature heat treatment, then place in cold water for complete cooling before de-flasking (about 20 minutes).
  4. Follow conventional methods for de-flasking the denture. This procedure is generally accomplished by the use of plaster-snips or a plaster knife.
  5. After de-flasking put the denture into a plaster dissolvent, In order to totally clean the denture.
  6. Polish the denture by the unusual method. There are several to obtain a high luster to the denture.
  7. The dispensed material shall not be placed back in container and the dose once applied and used shall not be reused.

Warnings :

  1. Liquid is highly flammable. Avoid sources of ignition. 
  2. Do not let the liquid contact your skin. When contacted, wash away thoroughly with soap and water. Some individuals may be allergic to the liquid. 
  3. Irritation and sensitization have been reported in conjunction with products that contain methacrylates. To reduce risk of such occurrences, do not use this product with patients who have demonstrated sensitivity, avoid repeated and prolonged contact with incurred material, and discontinue use if sensitization occurs. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin (allergic contact dermatitis), and eyes. Avoid prolonged inhalation. Do not take it internally. Contact with the skin may cause irritation, burns or hypersensitivity. If contact with skin occurs immediately wipe off thoroughly with cotton and alcohol and then wash well with soap and water. If skin rash and sensitization or other allergic reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical attention. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and consult a physician. It should not be used with patients who have a  history of severe allergic reaction to any of the components.

Precautions :

  1. Close the container immediately after use.
  2. Do not mix with other resins.
  3. The product should be used only for recommended indications.

Contraindications : Not to be used by or on individuals with known allergy to methacrylate.

Storage Conditions : Store at temperature between 10°C(50°F) to 24°C(75°F). Close the cap carefully after use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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