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Fluorodip Bioactive

Bioactive Varnish for Desensitization & Re-mineralization

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Bioactive Bioactive

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Varnish is a protective coating applied to the teeth's surface to prevent caries and strengthen the enamel. 

 Yes, the formulation is different, as in the fluoride varnishes there is fluoride, which helps in preventing the decay of the tooth, whereas a normal varnish refers to any protective coating applied to the tooth and does not have fluoride in it.

The dental varnish works by releasing fluoride ions, which are then absorbed by enamel, leading to the rebuilding of the weak tooth, thereby making the tooth surface more resistant against acid attacks.

A sodium fluoride varnish is a type of fluoride varnish that uses sodium fluoride as its active ingredient. This compound helps in preventing tooth decay.

Dental Fluoride varnish is typically applied every three to six months, depending on the individual's risk of developing caries. 

Dental varnish is generally safe and well-tolerated. Some people may experience temporary changes in the color of their teeth or a slight change in taste shortly after application. Rarely, allergic reactions can occur, so it’s important to inform your dentist of any allergies.

Yes, fluoride varnish is safe and effective for children. It is commonly used in pediatric dentistry to help prevent cavities and strengthen developing teeth. The application is quick and painless, making it suitable for young patients.

The effects of fluoride varnish can last several months, providing continuous protection against tooth decay. However, the fluoride is gradually absorbed by the teeth, so regular reapplication is necessary to maintain optimal protection.

It is recommended to avoid eating or drinking for about 30 minutes after fluoride varnish application. This allows the varnish to fully adhere to the teeth and maximize its protective benefits.

Fluoride varnish is advised for the majority of the cases as it can be used both in adults and children and aids in long-term success of the restorations.

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